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You’re a fellow entrepreneur. Whether you’re launching a stealth startup or running a global enterprise, you’re in the game. You want to share experiences and explore opportunities. If you’re in Knoxville or visiting, let’s meet up for coffee or lunch. Wherever you live, let’s connect.


You represent a nonprofit organization. You’re looking to explore a partnership, recruit a board member, request an introduction, or share news about a project. I look forward to helping advance your work in service of the people in our community.


You’re hosting a conference or workshop or retreat. You’re looking for a speaker, panelist, facilitator, or emcee for the event. Whether the topic is entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, cybersecurity, nonprofit management, endurance racing or something else entirely, I look forward to learning more and adding value to your event.


You work in media. You’re a podcaster, blogger, radio host, newspaper reporter, tv anchor, or social media maven. Whether you’re looking to schedule an interview or get a quote for a story, I look forward to connecting with you.


You lead a company or a team inside a company. You’re looking to crack the nut on how to scale sales, pivot go-to-market strategy, improve customer support, ramp up marketing, streamline operations, or solve other interesting business challenges. I’d love to dig in and see if I can help.