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We currently have a positive balance of $90+ million for the City of Knoxville. The Mayor's budget does not raise property taxes. As a city, we should now look to put our budget surplus to work in service of our residents. The key themes of the Mayor's current budget are:

  • Job creation and retention

  • Energized downtown and urban core

  • Strong, safe neighborhoods

  • Living green and working green

  • Investing in a great city

At the state level, the IMPROVE Act simultaneously invests in our local infrastructure (roads, bridges) while also cutting taxes on grocery food items and income.

The best way for Knoxville to grow is by supporting existing businesses, helping entrepreneurs start new companies, and attracting outside companies to expand or relocate to Knoxville. Great companies create great jobs and power economic growth. The result is a robust tax base that enables us as a city to develop and maintain the services and amenities we need and want.